Schlau|Rogers offers new, smarter estate planning and small business representation so you walk away with the highest quality individually-tailored advice possible.

What makes us different than other firms?

We believe that optimal estate planning and business representation is always personal.

Personal estate planning and business representation includes more than automated document generation and basic data gathering. All that leads to is a one-time transaction that produces cookie-cutter results and a stack of paper. This is often the method of high-volume firms or online estate planning and business law services, but they won't tell you that because if they were truly transparent about their processes, you'd know choosing them isn't smart.

We are here to tell you effective estate planning and business representation requires personal attention and advice that builds real value. At it's core, planning for life and business requires human relationships that develop over time. We see this value-added model in other professional spaces like accounting and medicine. You wouldn't expect the best from those professionals if your answers merely came from an automated platform would you?

...our singular focus is to provide individually-tailored estate planning and business law advice that allows for a truly personal experience.
— The Schlau|Rogers Team

Estate planning and business representation are the same in that respect. In both, personal relationships allow for the gathering and curating of useful information that exists in the nuances of one-on-one attention. This is to say understanding individual circumstances, goals, personalities and views is vital to effective advice. It is this understanding that furthers relationships and produces genuine life-long partnerships between attorney and client, along with valuable road maps for your future.

At Schlau|Rogers, our singular focus is to provide individually-tailored estate planning and business law advice that allows for a truly personal experience. We want to partner with you to help you in life and business. Our goal is to add value—real tangible results—through improved planning and continued management of personal estates and businesses. We want to deliver practical and enduring guidance—what we call Your Smarter Plan in Life and Business™.


Always Free Initial Consultations

Our singular focus is to provide individually-tailored legal advice that allows for a truly personal experience. We want to be your partner in life and business.

Let's work together.

Always free initial consultations for estate planning and business law.

Like we said: we believe that optimal estate planning and business representation is always personal.

Part of making making estate planning and business law representation personal is making sure we are available for you. You can shoot us an email, text, give us a call (we answer our phones!) or chat with us through the chat window below any time. We'll break down our services and what we recommend to get things going. By the way: we're just as available throughout the estate planning and business planning/operations process. We want you to feel comfortable and confident that'll we'll be there for you in a way that only comes with a close, personal relationship with your attorney.

Once this is taken care of, you're ready for a Strategy Session. This meeting does not cost you anything. We book it with a credit card, and it is only charged if you don't show up. We do this because it takes time and effort to prepare an issues checklist based on our initial conversation, create a matter file for you and get all the documents you need to review and sign to retain us as attorneys. We typically travel to our clients for convenience and offer extremely flexible appointments, with availability during business hours, seven days a week. If you're unable to meet during normal working hours, we will not hesitate to travel to meet with you when you're available. We also arrange video conferences with clients upon request.

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What makes the Schlau|Rogers plan smarter?


Always fixed, flexible fees to fit your budget.

Our team works on a fixed-fee basis, which means there are no hourly legal fees for estate planning and business transactions. Ever.

We offer a variety of options that are designed to make sure you get what you need. We offer full representation, limited representation, the aforementioned Layaway option, assistance with document preparation or guidance for those who would like to save money and are will to handle things themselves (with our guidance).

We even have a Layaway Payment plan, which is like a pay-as-you-go option for those on a tight budget.

While most of our estate planning clients choose our Wealth estate plan, we also offer Foundation and Legacy packages. Our business law clients also have three options to choose from: Foundation, Growth and General Counsel. If you're looking for stand-alone legal services or documents, we can discuss a custom fixed fee with you as well.

Each package is built on our core principles: a simplified approach that builds value—real tangible results. We've eliminated traditional barriers so we can deliver cost-effective, yet robust solutions that are typically reserved only for the wealthiest clientele.

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How will you make your estate plan or business smarter? It's simple.

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