We deliver lasting value in estate planning and business law support—real tangible results—with a practice that is built on rock-solid fundamentals.

What makes the Schlau|Rogers plan smarter?

Can you put a price on peace of mind? We sure do have a hard time doing that. If this is something you're after, it's important to avoid quick fixes and make smart decisions that lead to lasting success. Working with our team enables lasting success in life and business because we've built our practice on rock-solid fundamentals: a "client-first" practice that delivers a smooth and efficient experience; a community of experts; and the most advanced planning tools available today.

Together, these fundamentals mean partnering with us in life and business will put you on the path to peace of mind. We know our approach is unique, personal, and truly valuable.


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Our singular focus is to provide individually-tailored legal advice that allows for a truly personal experience. We want to be your partner in life and business.

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We created our practice with you in mind.

We created a "client-first" practice. What does this mean exactly? To us, "client-first" means doing more than putting our clients' needs at the forefront of our business. That should be a given. What we've done is go "above and beyond" to create a simple, and straightforward experience for our clients. We've also cut out all the legalese wherever possible, along with the uppity suits of a traditional law firm and replaced them with simplicity, communication and transparency.

To attain our principle of simplicity, we set out a goal to streamline the estate planning and business representation processes for clients because we know getting truly valuable advice is not always enjoyable. It can feel confusing, tedious and never-ending. By streamlining estate panning and business representation, we are able to deliver a truly "client-first" practice. Our simple three-step process consists of a Strategy Session, Design Meeting and Signing Meeting. That's it.

...delivering a uniquely positive and streamlined planning experience you will not find anywhere else.
— The Schlau|Rogers Team

In addition to simplicity, we designed our practice in a way that ensures open lines of communication between attorney and client. One way we've achieved this goal is by creating a virtual platform, which eliminates the unnecessary overhead of a traditional law firm, and ensures a cost-effective and efficient solution for you.

Perhaps more importantly, it allows us to spend most of our time effecting your individually-tailored estate plan and business representation to achieve your goals. We believe communication between attorney and client is key to creating true value. The more time you spend going to and from meetings, waiting for a time that you can actually meet or waiting for the mailman to deliver a bill or the latest revision of your documents, the less time you're spending with your attorney.

At Schlau|Rogers, everything can be taken care of online: all meetings, chats, questions, document reviews, payments, etc. Our virtual platform allows us to stay in touch and focus our efforts on delivering the highest quality representation possible, and our clients seem to like it: we're constantly using online applications like Drift, Zoom and Google Hangouts to improve efficiency and increase availability.

Our virtual platform has also generated a system of transparency. The entire process will be outlined for you from the moment you retain our firm, so there are no surprises. During our simple, three-step process, we're always available. If questions arise, you can get answers as we go through safe and secure messaging. The goal here is to ensure you understand what is happening and why it's happening. We think this allows us to deliver a uniquely positive and streamlined experience you will not find anywhere else.

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Helping you plan smarter. It's what we do.


We help make a community of experts available to everyone.

Helping our clients achieve their goals is what drives us. Increasingly, this means working with them in bridging strategy and execution. We find that this often happens at the intersection of community and experience, which is why both play a role in individually-tailored estate plans and business representation. Our network fosters the most cutting-edge techniques and serves as a valuable echo chamber for effecting valuable representation. We are proud to be a part of a far-reaching community, and always leverage it to the benefit of our clients.

For you, this means we're here to help, no matter the stage or complexity of your issue. Whether you have a complicated web of assets, are a member of a blended family, a same-sex couple looking to change your documents to account for recent changes in the law, a multi-cultural family, you'd like to create a dynasty trust, a pet trust, ILIT or IRA Trust, we've got you covered. In the same vein, whether you're thinking of forming a corporation, you need multiple LLCs, need help with compliance, ongoing contract support and maintenance, outside general counsel or coordination with personal advisors, we're here.

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We find that the combination of our insights, tools and support helps clients achieve their biggest goals. At Schlau|Rogers, you'll be partnering with attorneys that utilize the most advanced legal tools available. This allows for dynamic and adaptable representation, customization and truly individually-tailored advice. Our legal tools let us spend most of our time developing effective strategies with our clients, and serve as the perfect compliment to our virtual platform. Again, the more time we spend developing personal advice, the more effective and efficient the whole process will be.

...customization and truly individually-tailored advice.
— The Schlau|Rogers Team

Our legal tools are also constantly improving and being updated for changes in the law (lots of them!), so rest assured your estate plan or business documents won't be stale. If something happens to change existing law, we have the ability to quickly alter your documents to reflect the changes and ensure everything is where it needs to be. This means after partnering with us, you'll get a living, breathing set of documents that is the product of the most advanced legal tools available today.

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