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Other Common Questions

How long does it take to create an estate plan?

Normally, creating an estate plan will take about a month, but there are certain circumstances that would call for longer or shorter time frames. For instance, if you'd like to expedite the process for any reason, like an upcoming trip or a medical procedure, we can work with you. Keep in mind though, these documents are very important and completely customized to your particular needs, so it can take some time to get them just the way you want.

Do you serve clients outside of the Orange County area?

Yes. As our firm is virtual in nature, we're often traveling to clients' homes, meeting at their local Starbucks or communicating entirely over the internet with Skype, Go To Meeting, Facetime and other similar technologies. We know that life often gets in the way of our plans. But our virtual platform allows us to help create your estate plan despite your very busy schedule. It also allows us the opportunity to serve many clients throughout Orange, San Diego, Riverside and Los Angeles counties, while still getting to know our clients and build relationships. If you live in another county in California, we can make that work too. However, you must live in the state of California as our team is only licensed to practice in California.

We are also part of a vast community of experts, many of whom work in other states. If you live outside of California, but would like to team up with an attorney that is part of our network, let us know and we'll make it happen.

How much does an estate plan cost?

We know that people are often concerned about fees when working with a lawyer, especially if those fees are billed by the hour. That's understandable. But nearly all of our fees are flat for estate planning. When we get started, we'll lay out the cost to you upfront so there are no surprises down the road. We've also developed a simple three step process to enhance your experience (which you read a little more about here). It starts with a Free Consultation, then proceeds with a Design Meeting, and ends with a Signing Ceremony. That's it. While you can certainly find lower cost options, we believe our costs are more than reasonable as we provide a personalized experience for each client and deliver a streamlined, efficient planning process to create You Smarter Estate Plan.™

Can I do this all myself?

Technically, yes, you can. However, and that's a big however, there is so much risk associated with handling your estate planning yourself; and the worst part is you likely won't know if you've messed things up until it's too late. In our minds, the savings isn't worth the risk - it's like stepping over a dollar to save a penny; just doesn't make sense right?

Typically, do-it-yourself websites, and software programs or extremely low-cost estate planning offerings online really only provide the most basic, generic documents. And you're not exactly getting one-on-one attention or individually-tailored advice. With an attorney, you'll get that advice, along with a robust set of documents that will stand up against life's journeys. When you're planning for your familys future, it's important you get it right. Without a lawyer, there’s no telling what you'll end up with.

What can I expect at my Strategy Session?

In your Strategy Session, you should expect to spend some time discussing your goals and concerns. This meeting is important because it allows us to get to know one another, and you're able to get a general idea of what to expect from the estate planning process as it relates to your particular circumstances. After this meeting, you'll receive further information regarding what your plan will cost. After the meeting, we'll be ready to get started on your plan and eventually arrive at solutions through open and transparent dialogue.

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