We want all of our clients to be able to make educated, informed estate planning decisions. Below are some helpful resources for those in Orange County and greater southern California.

Estate Planning Laws.

Construction of Wills and Trusts—California Probate Code explaining the necessary structure of wills and trusts.

Trust Law—California Probate Code governing all trusts.

Wills and Intestate Succession—California Probate Code explaining what happens if you die with and without a Will.

Powers of Attorney—California Probate Code governing temporary and durable Powers of Attorney.

Healthcare Decisions—California Probate Code explaining general health decision protocol, the Uniform Health Decisions Act and Advance Directive Registry.

Estate Planning-Related Organizations.

Orange County Estate Planning Council—Education resource to improve your knowledge of estate planning.

Family Law Facilitator—Resource to help you fill out court forms, get lawyer referrals, and get to legal aid clinics and self-help law centers.

State of California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General—Succinct breakdown of estate planning and introduction to California State Bar resources.

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Common Estate Planning Issues.

Not having an estate plan at all—One of the most common problems on estate planning is missing its importance.

Not updating your will—Leaving your new house out of your trust is a big problem.

Not planning for disability—Many people fail to incorporate Medi-cal planning in their estate plans.

Putting your child's name on the deed—Leaving your home to your children is common. Putting your child's name on the deed creates a tax fiasco.

Procrastinating—The waiiiiting is the hardest part!

Pro-Bono/Self-Help Estate Planning.

Public Law Center—Great local resource to help you with a multitude of legal issues.

California Courts: Wills, Estate and Probate— CA Government resource that explains important steps and provides necessary filings you can fill out yourself.

Superior Court of California, County of Orange—More local version of the above resource.

Legal Aid Society of Orange County—Another great resource that provides free legal advice and support.

Guardianship Clinic—Resource for petitioning to serve as a legal guardian for a child.


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